"Expansive yet close, vibrantly calming and gently energizing, these are some of the words I would use to describe Kum Nye." CA

Kum Nye 30 Day Challenge





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The Thirty Day Challenge creates the opportunity to explore your commitment to yourself as you deepen your purpose, and consolidate and align your energy in the direction of your greatest goals. 
Using the practice of Kum Nye Yoga, the Thirty Day Challenge requires a minimum of 15 minutes of your day. And yet this practice will strengthen your dedication to your life direction, and free up energy to move solidly towards your goals.
When we try to move forward without an embodied experience-without begin fully engaged-the distractions and demands of our life will easily pull us off course. When our mind, heart and body are working together, and when we hold a strong inner focus, nothing will stop us.
"It would be wonderful if we had endless time to do he things we need to do;  to do  what we were born to accomplish, overcome, or grow into. That simply isn't true. While our soul may touch into infinity, our physical time is limited. 
If we were honest with ourselves, we would recognize that every minute counts, that time is of the essence, and that all of the activities that are depleting, waste this precious resource.
We might recognize that all the stories and excuses that we make won't change this reality. We will also see that as our intention, purpose and integrity grow, life presents opportunities at every corner. The awake alert mind and the open heart can grasp these opportunities.
This awareness may encourage use to really look carefully at the ways that we manage our life energy, and to more deeply enter our experiences. 
There is no need to be hard on ourselves. We are gradually releasing that which pulls us away from our true integrity and presence. Why not place our focus on our presence, and let everything else be the past?"
I encourage you to make this one month commitment to you, through these simple practices that will absolutely change your life.

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