March 22 to March 24, 2019


at Ram Spring Wellness Sanctuary

443 Upper Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island

Do you love to move, feel nourished, discover your own beauty and the beauty of others and life?

Do you want to create a peaceful meditative calm for yourself and everyone around you?

Do you want to be a truly loving presence for the people you meet?


You deserve to live life without struggle, letting life work for you.


This weekend is about embodiment. And, embodiment is about manifestation; about making your heart's desire real. When you're grounded in your body, you connect to your world, when you anchor your spirit into the world you can connect with your life purpose and value, moving from dream to reality!


In this weekend workshop:


  • you'll have a rich and nourishing experience of your own embodiment, your unique presence.

  • you'll discover that your body's wisdom and experience can support you, guide you, lead you and protect you.

  • You'll receive tools to begin to live joyfully, to make friends with yourself, to see and be seen.

  • You'll experience a deeper connection with others.

  • You'll learn practices to open up to who you really are.

  • You can allow yourself to be filled by goodness, you can begin to see that the world is here to support you.

  • You'll learn practices to soften and relax areas that we didn't even know held tension.

  • You can open to a totally new relationship with life; warm sweet inviting, invigorating, energizing. You can begin to see the world through new eyes.


Kum Nye is gentle a road map into the places where we hold back. We can let them be illuminated and transformed through mindfulness of body, and sensing. Our loving presence makes our heart available to others, as we learn to be nourished by who they are. The beauty, and the power of Kum Nye is in its subtlety. It is a gentle and comforting practice that allows you to begin to make friends with all experience.



MARCH 22-24

Starts Friday March 22 at 7 PM

Ends Sunday March 24 at 4 PM



At Ram Spring Wellness Centre

443 Upper Ganges Road on Salt Spring Island

(sorry, no accommodation at Ram Spring, please arrange alternate accommodation prior to booking)



Don McGinnis

Certified Kum Nye Instructor

Don has been offering classes, workshops and retreats in Kum Nye and Loving Presence for the past 7 years. He has over thirty years experience facilitating groups.


Here's what people have said:


... it was an oasis of peace and calm. It was a wonderful introduction to this beautiful practice and presented in a pleasing rhythm of instruction, practice, sharing and quiet. Don is an empathetic teacher and very knowledgeable about the Kum Nye tradition. -DM


There is a beautiful, relaxed, loving and spiritual energy in Don's classes. -RM


Kum Nye is magic. - CD


"I found that Don is amazingly sensitive to subtle states of body-mind and super supportive to the whole process of seeing and releasing states of distress. I have had the sense that he has done this kind of work himself, and therefore he has both a comfort level with the process and with the distress, and it doesn’t faze him, He is able to give a feeling of confidence that this process of going through the distress has a successful outcome and confidence that people can go through that process and feel that I was in a safe supportive environment that nothing was pushed on me and total acceptance." NA


“I have attended Don’s workshops for the last several years and I am always amazed at how nourishing movement and mindfulness combine in Kum Nye. Don’s grounded, compassionate presence creates a space for participants to notice, honour and integrate the practice, which I have found both subtle and powerful. - AM


Don's Kum Nye retreat is an a wondrous experience I highly recommend for each soul seeking to deepen their capacity to give and receive life's miracles through loving presence. - SC


I had the pleasure of taking this course last year on Salt Spring with Don McGinnis as our teacher, to great effect. I found it to be powerful, profound and fulfilling. - JC


I found Don's retreat last year - helped me slow down, relax and connect to my body in fun ways through various exercises which felt more like play at times. I love to have fun when I'm learning. - CK


"Your gentle way of approaching this material is perfect and especially in this environment-a lovely retreat. Thank you so much for organizing and putting your whole heart into the practice and teaching." -KC.


Don McGinnis is a dedicated, skilful and insightful instructor, able to integrate some profound Eastern concepts with various Western body work practices of the last 30 years or so.
I enjoy his classes which are always convivial, welcoming questions and dialogues between students and with the instructor."- JM