Are you struggling to be mindful?  Are there areas of your life that feel heavy, where you are working against yourself?  Have you tried conventional therapies and found that they don't touch the core of what is happening for you?

Are you ready to effortlessly deepen into loving presence and assisted self discovery?

Do you want to tap into a deeper sense of freedom, calmness and a lightness of being?

Do you want to end patterns of lonliness and isolation?


What does a session involve?

Many unhelpful patterns can be transformed through assisted self-study, and this practice is very different from conventional talk therapies, moving often quite quickly to core issues.

My practice integrates skills from a variety of body-centered and counselling modalities, but mainly Kum Nye, Hakomi, and Polarity Therapy.

The focus is assisted self-discovery, through body awareness. My role is to stay attuned with you and offer experiments to deepen your experience. In this way, restrictive patterns naturally unravel, opening to new ways of being and relating.

This practice involves the deepening of our contact and appreciation for your inner experience.

A session is one hour. 


Book a free consultation, or book and pay for your one hour session in one step:


I provide sessions via Skype only at this time.

How Much?

One hour session $120.  Block of  five sessions (recommended) $455

Via Paypal 

Skype name don-mcginnis

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