While classes combine movements, gestures (or poses) gentle breathing, self massage, and sitting, the focus of practice is to contact, develop and expand feeling. Through movements, and by developing the subtle breath, we discover our Kum, or energy body,  and we learn to massage (Nye) our inner experience with awareness and breath.


Movements and gestures are often quite simple, and rarely physically challenging. This makes this practice suitable for everyone willing to explore their inner sensory universe.


Kum Nye dissolves tensions in the psychic or subtle energy body, leading to deep relaxation and integration; A feeling of wholeness and calm arises and becomes our sanctuary, our home. 


Each four week series: $65

All Three Series for $150

Drop-in $20


"Don McGinnis is a dedicated, skillful and insightful instructor, able to integrate some profound Eastern concepts with various Western body work practices of the last 30 years or so.
I enjoy his classes which are always convivial, welcoming questions and dialogues between students and with the instructor." JM

"Kum Nye is unlike any other yoga that I've ever done. I'm grateful for the simplicity of it. The value I've received from doing Kum Nye  supported me in being centered, and helping my body release energy blocks. That process also supports me every single day in my morning spiritual exercises." CK

"I found that Don is amazingly sensitive to subtle states of body-mind and super supportive to the whole process of seeing and releasing states of distress. I have had the sense that he has done this kind of work himself, and therefore he has both a comfort level with the process and with the distress, and it doesn’t faze him, He is able to give a feeling of confidence that this process of going through the distress has a successful outcome and confidence that people can go through that process and feel that I was in a safe supportive environment; that nothing was pushed on me and I felt total acceptance."  NA


Detailed Overview of The 'Outer'  Four Week Series: 


"We can nurture and heal both our bodies and minds by touching our feelings deeply and expanding the flowing rhythms they bring to us, for they are linked to the vitality of the universe itself."

Tarthang Tulku. Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga: A Complete Guide to Health and Wellbeing 

If you are looking for a meditative approach to yoga, if you want to develop a deep inner calm, if you would like to release energy blocks and establish a harmonize and balance your energy, this is what Kum Nye is. Through movement, massage, toning, breath and awareness, we will explore the four main energy centers, with the intention of opening up the energy of each, then harmonizing and integrating each of the centers with each other. Although we are likely to go deeper, the first four classes are focused on the 'outer' or more physical aspect of being. We develop our own language to explore feeling, dropping the labels and stories we might have attached to our vast array of feeling, and watching as they expand and flow.  These first four classes support us in directly experiencing the world, and to the knowledge that we can make friends with all experience. 


Detailed Overview of The 'Inner'  Four Week Series: 

"The external form of the exercises may be stillness, breathing, self-massage, or movement, but the internal exercise or massage, the essence of Kum Nye, is with feeling. From the moment you begin practice, concentrate on the feelings and sensations that arise."

Tarthang Tulku. Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga: A Complete Guide to Health and Wellbeing 

As we develop in practice, we move from the outer form, to the inner meaning of each gesture, movement, and feeling. Having established a foundation of calmness, we are ready to experience the unique tonal quality of all of the sensations in the body, and begin to explore the relationship between 'inner' and 'outer.'  The second group of four classes invite us to explore the inner wisdom of feeling.  Without words, symbols, stories or ideas, there is an inner world of wisdom we can contact in order to heal, understand, and grow beyond our limitations.


Detailed Overview of The 'Most Inner'  Four Week Series: 

"As thoughts slow down, inner harmony will arise. A sense of relief and confidence comes forth. Eventually you will find that feelings of joy, tranquility and harmony expand until you perceive them as expanding out into the universe, and you are aware of nothing else."

 Tarthang Tulku. Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga: A Complete Guide to Health and Wellbeing 

During the final four classes in this series, we will discover that as we go into the depth of feeling, beyond our concepts of right and wrong, positive or negative, there is an expansion and joyfulness that can be found in all experience. We will be opening more to the layers of feeling, the experience of Kun Zhi, as we realize that even the densest feelings are moving and spacious. 

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