The student center is  best designed for active students of Kum Nye.  However, please feel free to  explore these resources to get a better sense of what Kum Nye is, and can do for you.

If you are totally new to Kum Nye, Go Here or here.

For Students:
I encourage you to stay with one practice (and two or three exercises) for at least a week, until the feeling of the gestures come alive for you. Contact me with any questions about the material and about developing your practice.
Follow these general principles:
Warm up before every practice. (warm up your body and your awareness!)
Slow the movement down and feel the movement.
Open the upper body, the throat and chest before deeper practice.
Notice, Contact, Stay with, Deepen or Expand Feeling
Seven Gestures

Week One

Joyful Breath

Week Two

Week Four

Expanding Feeling

Week Five

Expanding Feeling

Week Seven

Cleansing Breath