I am appreciating the deep quality of listening that Ron Kurtz, the founder of Hakomi, demonstrated. When I am engaged in deep listening I am listening for the sound of the soul within the words of the other person.  My heart softens and opens and I am totally available. Deep listening involves moving past my reactions and my own discomfort and into the spirit of what is said without the need or desire to change anything. This begins to generate an experience of freedom and soul inside of me, and that begins to translate and transform the two of us.  We move to a softer place where giving and receiving are one, and where being present  becomes the magnificence  that we live.
What I love about Hakomi is that it is assisted self study.  As Pema Chodron said, "even the desire to change is a form of violence."  When both 'therapist' and 'client' can enter a place of curiosity and acceptance together, old walls and frozen places dissolve.
Hakomi is a Hopi world that means, "How do we stand in relation to all these realms?" Indeed, each moment we navigate diverse realms.  Hakomi assists us to  see the less conscious realms that run us in directions that don't serve us well.



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