What is Polarity?

Polarity Therapy is a beautiful and effective energy balancing (bodywork) approach based on Ayurvedic (Yogic Medicine) principles of healing.  Polarity Therapy helps balance underlying  energy matrixes to  promote health.  As energy blocks are released  beliefs that created the blockage are also surfaced to be healed. Health is experienced when energy is flowing smoothly and freely. The practitioner supports integration through touch, breath and loving presence.

The client is fully clothed and rests on a massage table while dual contacts are made which support energy flow.

Polarity is based on the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) which are also related to the chakras. Sessions target imbalance in organs, systems,  the nervous system, and the  structural integrity of the body, which are interrelated, and which reflect unconscious programming which can be changed.

Polarity supports the body's natural ability to heal itself from all illness. Polarity  incorporates counselling, polarity yoga exercises and diet to support long term health. Polarity was developed by Chiropractor, Dr. Randolf Stone over 50 years ago, as an integrated health building practice.

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