Deep Heart

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

The heart is our sanctuary, and yet at times it seems that it is the source of all of our pain, confusion and misunderstanding. What does it mean, to hold the heart as our refuge? The deep heart is found in the stillness of the heart, and the breath, subtle prana forces that pervade our whole being, and especially live in the sanctuary of heart.

The mind looks forward, future seeking, visionary, while the deep heart is feeling and sensing, looks into the past. Over time, the weight of the heart moves us backwards, while the mind seeks to continue it's forward momentum.

You might be able to see this in the way that people stand, with the head far forward and the heart caved in. Or, they might try to push the heart out and create strain on the body systems.

To allow for the opening and expansion of the heart and its wisdom, we listen to its beautiful and subtle feeling wisdom, and in order to accomplish this, we must become still, allow sensations to arise without judging or getting caught up in history, to allow feelings to open and deepen on their own. We learn to open up the space and dimension of the deep heart in this very simple way. ​

Don McGinnis  teaches on Salt Spring and holds classes online He runs a retreat on Salt Spring yearly.  For more information contact Don at 250-897-5576 or email or website

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