Developing Feelings

We might sense that feelings are like the weather, coming and going at whim, and that at times we wish we would stop feeling one way,  and instead, start feeling another way. We have --or think we have-- the opposite problem, and that is, we would often rather not be developing feelings, or, we want to hold onto feelings that feel positive.

What does it actually mean, developing feelings? In order to answer, let's look into the inner architecture of feelings, what they are, and their role in our psyche.

The language of the mind is, well, language;  words, phrases, concepts and ideas. The language of the body, its wisdom is sensing, and our ability to sense is exquisite and profound. When feelings are not expressed, they back up and become a mishmash of heavy, turbulent confusion. Most often we consider these feelings as negative and destructive. When we touch them, when situations trigger them, we will often pull away.

And yet, the wisest practice is in developing feelings that might be uncomfortable for us.  As well as wisdom, feelings contain energy, in the eastern view, they are one presentation of prana, life force and vitality. They also contain wisdom that is essential for our inner well being.

​The practice of Kum Nye helps us in developing feelings and encourages us to deepen into them until they offer up their expansive, joyous vibrancy.

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